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About Usuahia

How to get there

For those who prefer to travel by land, the main route is the No. 3, which is not totally paved. To enter to Tierra del Fuego, it is necessary to cross the estrecho de Magallanes, which means that you must go by Chile.

This crossing is done by ferry service: there is the Primera Angostura crossing (which sets out at Punta Delgada on the continent towards Bahia Azul on Isla Grande) with duration of 20 minutes approximately.

These timetables are available at our offices. The other option is setting out from the Chilean city of Punta Arenas (on the continent) towards Porvenir (on Isla Grande) with duration of 2 hours and a half.

Continuing on route No. 3, again in Argentine territory and passing through the cities of Rio Grande and Tolhuin you will arrive at Ushuaia, the city of the end of the world. Currently, the towns of Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz) and Ushuaia can be joined by a regular land transport service throughout the year.


Cerro Castor

The largest center of Alpine ski in the province has tracks for all the levels and modern lifts.

Lying 26 Km away from the Center, Cerro Castor is the most exclusive Argentinean ski resort. Both the southern slopes and the low and steady temperature during the winter season, give the best snow and the longest ski season.
Its 24 tracks and the snow park with a circuit of 24 km represent a skiable area of 600 hectares, with a vertical drop of 800 meters. These are some of the reasons why this is one of the most important training centers for the best Olympic teams of ski in the world.

The Artificial snow system, the snow-flattening machines, the modern lift facilities, the high quality of the rental, restaurants, bars, internet and cellular telephone service, nursery and mountain garden, ski shop and the exclusive Ski Lodge are some of the features of the services that provide the Cerro Castor.


More information
Website of the city of Ushuaia, Secretary of tourism. It has notes of culture, history (for tourists), images, maps and statistics.
Website of the city of Ushuaia, with information about the city, promotions and points of interest.
Official Website of the city.
Official website of the Secretariat of tourism of the Republic of Argentina.
Information about the Maritime Museum


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